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Ayurvedic Skincare Guide E-Book


Ayurveda is the science of self-healing and living in harmony with the laws of nature. When creating Sattva Soul Supplements, we wanted to provide you with the highest quality supplements that would support your modern, often hectic lifestyles.  Then during the process of formulating these supplements, we became more inspired to share our findings, as this 5000-year-old holistic health system adopts the mantra ‘’beauty comes from within.’’

As women, we often try the latest beauty products to heal our skin, but in Ayurveda, the concept is a full mind, body, and spirit approach. In taking support supplements, that translated to skincare and all with the same science of getting our bodies to be living in harmony with the laws of nature. 

This book is a reminder to bring our skincare back to basics, much like our health care, which is precisely what Indian alternative medicine does, and so this book was born.  

In our e-book you will be offered concepts of DIY Ayurvedic skincare to allow you to look at your skin as it is now, then self assess it’s symptoms, and create some simple holistic beauty remedies and lifestyle changes, that you can do easily. 

Chances are, with our lifestyle supplements and this new information under your belt you can start to look after yourself from an overall wellness standpoint, so you’ll get a much bigger glow than any face serum, or moisturizer could provide. 

Best of all, this book is free with any supplement purchase!

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